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What is Dance Movement Therapy (DMT)?

Dance and movement therapy is a type of art therapy that uses movement to help us reintegrate physically, emotionally and socially.

It is a body-based approach that is very effective for our emotional & mental well-being and to improve our quality of life.

Dance and movement therapy allows us to express ourselves and release our stress in a safe, judgement-free environment.

It helps us reconnect and build a healthy relationship with our body, in the presence and resonance of other bodies. It helps heal our body image, and reawaken our kinesthetic self, explore our movement patterns and allow our bodies to experience new ways of being, through a delicate yet playful process.
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Our body is the storehouse of our memories,
wisdom and emotions. It holds our identity
as well as our potentials.

DMT allows us to gracefully tap into this vast resource in a playful safe environment.

We move gently together exploring, connecting and learning.

During the workshop, we gradually feel
more relaxed, joyful and engaged.

DMT allows us to reconnect to ourselves,
release our burdens, find meaning, pleasure, learn new skills and be more empowered.

Anybody can join DMT sessions, no prior dance/movement experience is required.

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